Wireless LAN

Wireless LAN

Wireless Local Area Networking solutions from RGTS - A ConvergeOne Company (RGTS) serve a wide spectrum of client sizes and needs with continuously advancing Wi-Fi technology and performance opportunities.

RGTS’s Wireless LAN solutions support voice, data, location services, Internet access, guest access, and advanced security.

For large enterprises, such as financial institutions and hospital systems, RGTS solutions provide dozens to thousands of wireless access points with centralized, global control; extraordinarily high performance and security; and regulatory compliance, e.g. healthcare’s HIPAA regulations for mobile platforms.

For small office and retail locations, RGTS solutions provide one or several wireless access points for mobile devices and applications. A basic Wireless LAN from RGTS can serve as a low-cost addition or as an alternative to a wired LAN. It can provide wireless network access for areas that are difficult to reach with cabling.

For all clients, RGTS provides Wireless LAN solutions that are innovative, secure, cost-effective, and tailored to their specific needs.

Management of the Wireless LAN is the client’s choice:

  • Managed fully by RGTS
  • Managed fully by the client
  • Co-managed by the client and RGTS

Regardless of the management method you select, you can also choose RGTS’s remote Network Monitoring Service to ensure 24/7/365 availability and optimum performance of your Wireless LAN.

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As Wireless networking has evolved from a convenient LAN option to an essential mission-critical technology, RGTS has kept clients up to date with the newest performance and cost-saving opportunities.

The widespread Wi-Fi 802.11n standard and emerging newer Wi-Fi standards and products provide continuously expanding support for more sophisticated and more demanding wireless services — voice, cloud computing, high-definition video, etc.

RGTS’s sophisticated, multi-layered security and management control techniques make the evolving wireless services safe, practical, and highly productive for wide-ranging business uses. RGTS’s wireless controllers apply UTM (Unified Threat Management) security policies, as well as application priority policies, across wired and wireless networks.

Wireless access points come as stand-alone or controller-based components to support small, basic deployments or large-scale deployments with diverse complex services.

RGTS’s wireless controllers simplify network management by allowing administrators to configure and monitor several access points or thousands of access points remotely and globally with a single-pane-of-glass console.

A controller is required to support voice, location services, guest access, and advanced security features. Controller-based access points also support secure remote tele-working and enterprise wireless mesh, which allows dynamic wireless connections in hard-to-connect locations.

Big Advantages for Small-Scale Wireless LANs

RGTS’s stand-alone access points offer a low-cost wireless networking solution that does not require a controller. They are ideal for small-scale networks with fewer than 10 access points. They offers base-level wireless services — data, Internet access, email — with the flexibility to scale and add services over time by adding a controller.