­Design & Implementation

­Design & Implementation

RGTS - A ConvergeOne Company (RGTS) has three decades of experience and an exceptional client-satisfaction record designing and implementing voice, data, and technology systems that are advanced, sophisticated, and cost effective.

Independent, Innovative, Cost-Effective Solutions

Because it is an independent, vendor-neutral company, RGTS has accumulated extensive working experience with the telecommunications and IT equipment from each of the major competing manufacturers.

Rather than recommend a sales-driven product or manufacturer to replace whatever a client may have in place, RGTS works with each company’s unique circumstances and needs to design and implement the most effective, cost-efficient solution possible, regardless of the equipment manufacturers or suppliers at hand.

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By helping ensure that your wireless network will be configured properly at the outset, a Site Assessment helps avoid time-consuming and costly service disruptions and corrective network re-deployments later on.

An RGTS Wireless Site Assessment is a step-by-step process that analyzes your business environment — offices, production plants, and other facilities — to:

  • Understand the work environment’s radio frequency signal behavior
  • Discover existing radio frequency coverage areas
  • Check for radio frequency interference
  • Identify the variables that can disrupt wireless service
  • Identify security concerns and appropriate responses
  • Determine the most appropriate locations in which to place wireless antenna access points