Voice Recording

Voice Recording

Customer service and training initiatives, security policies and concerns, and government and industry regulations are among the many reasons you may need to record business calls.

RGTS - A ConvergeOne Company's (RGTS) software-based Voice Recording solution offers fulltime compliance recording to help large contact centers increase effectiveness, reduce liability, resolve disputes, and comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). It supports large, multi-site, virtual, and outsourced contact centers.

Incorporating sophisticated speech analytics, text analytics, enterprise feedback management, and customer feedback survey functions, RGTS Voice Recording gives you valuable insight into your customers’ interactions and sentiments. The result: You make better, more strategic decisions affecting costs, revenue, customer satisfaction, and competitiveness.

For mobile phone recording, RGTS’s SilentPartner is a public-safety solution that allows emergency first responders, investigators, and supervisory staff to record audio text messages, photos, and videos; record all calls or a select number of their calls while on a scene; and transmit everything securely to the Voice Recording database.

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RGTS Voice Recording solutions enable your company to achieve the following:

Reduce Your Corporate and Personal Liability

The RGTS system enables you to collect recorded information to defuse customer disputes before they escalate into costly lawsuits.

Comply With Government and Industry Regulations

These can include requirements to record all verbal communications of financial transactions, as well as those interactions regarding the handling of personal financial information at any firm.

Reduce Costly Entry Errors

Voice recording can mitigate data entry errors by automatically capturing information and saving it for subsequent review, ensuring that important transaction details are not lost or forgotten.

Support Sales Training

Sales managers can boost the quality of their training programs by randomly sampling phone calls made by their agents. The RGTS voice recording software lets you grade individual calls and export them for use in group or private training sessions so participants can listen to recordings—including their own—that highlight conversation strengths and weaknesses.

Improve Customer Service

The ability to grade and monitor recordings of calls gives supervisors the ability to ensure the quality of employee-customer interactions from anywhere in the office.

Share Information

You can easily extract and email snippets of conversations, making it easy to share real-life scenarios during sales training and staff meetings.

Increase Security

A call recording system enables you to easily reduce inappropriate phone use and to detect security problems that might compromise sensitive information.