PRI or T1 Circuits

PRI or T1 Circuits

For offices with more than a half dozen people, RGTS - A ConvergeOne Company's (RGTS) PRI (Primary Rate Interface) circuit, commonly called a T1 line, provides major economies of scale and performance advantages over individual voice and data lines.

With it, you can place and/or receive up to 24 simultaneous outside voice calls or data connections over two pairs of copper lines. It also offers the capacity for voice, data, videoconferencing, and analog fax service to scores of internal phone and data lines.

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Performance and Efficiency Greater Than the Sum of Its 24 Channels

  • An RGTS PRI T1 line is an end-to-end digital circuit that enables traditional copper phone lines to carry voice, data, video conferencing, and other communication services.
  • The PRI line works with digital phones and data systems, newer IP (Internet Protocol) systems, and traditional analog phone sets and fax machines.
  • The PRI line is divided digitally into 24 channels. Each channel supports a voice call or 64 Kbps of data transmission.
  • A digital PRI circuit speeds voice call connections and significantly improves voice clarity, security, and reliability, compared to calls made over analog trunk lines.