PRI or T1 Circuits

PRI or T1 Circuits

For offices with more than a half dozen people, RGTS - A ConvergeOne Company's (RGTS) PRI (Primary Rate Interface) circuit, commonly called a T1 line, provides major economies of scale and performance advantages over individual voice and data lines.

With it, you can place and/or receive up to 24 simultaneous outside voice calls or data connections over two pairs of copper lines. It also offers the capacity for voice, data, videoconferencing, and analog fax service to scores of internal phone and data lines.

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The installation and service costs of a single PRI T1 circuit are significantly lower than those of 24 individual voice or data lines, but the sum performance is much greater.

Because each of its 24 digital channels connects dynamically only when needed, a single PRI T1 circuit can serve scores of internal phone and data lines. Each channel supports a voice call or 64 Kbps of data transmission.

All free channels (those not occupied by voice calls in progress) are available to transmit data. The free channels combine with each other automatically to double, triple, quadruple, etc., the speed of data throughput.

As your company’s size or needs increase, RGTS can quickly add PRI circuits to assure optimum performance. RGTS’s network monitoring service can measure and display the throughput of your company’s PRI circuit(s) to assure continuous optimum performance.