Remote Office Phone

Remote Office Phone

Telecommuting Via Remote Office IP Telephone

A Remote Phone That Works Just Like the One on Your Office Desk

By bringing feature-rich, full-functionality office telephones to off-site employees' desktops, RGTS - A ConvergeOne Company (RGTS) allows you to extend your business communication network to almost anywhere in the world.

The Remote Office Phone allows users to easily conference calls, place calls on hold, and transfer calls to in-office extensions or even other remote phones connected to the system, without the need for any additional hardware.

The remote phone features are identical to those of the normal office phone, making it ideal for home-based contact center agents, telecommuting sales people, and any other remote employees. Familiar features include voicemail, short-extension dialing, call transfer, and conferencing.

RGTS engineers configure the VPN software into the Remote Office Telephone and ship it to the remote employee. All the remote employee has to do is plug the phone into a home’s broadband router and a standard electric wall outlet, and it works. No other equipment or setup is needed.

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4610 Telephone

The 4610 Telephone offers the latest features and applications. The display area allows up to six application-specific buttons, six line/feature buttons, and four softkeys, which assist you in using the phone’s applications and features.

In addition to these features and applications, the 4610 Telephone provides a robust menu of options to customize your phone preferences.

4620 Telephone

The 4620 Telephone is an innovative telephone that gives you access to the latest features and applications. The large display area allows up to 12 application-specific buttons to be presented and labeled at one time.

Additionally, 12 line/feature buttons, 4 softkeys, and other fixed buttons provide access to many of the phone’s powerful capabilities. The 4620 phone also provides a robust menu of options to customize your phone preferences.