Extension to Cellular

Extension to Cellular

Transparent Bridge Between Your Cell Phone and Office Landline

By bridging your landline with your cell phone, RGTS - A ConvergeOne Company's (RGTS) Extension to Cellular service allows you to receive calls on your cell phone and desk phone simultaneously.

You can answer calls on your cell phone while you are away from your desk, talk while you return to your office, and then pick up the call from your desk phone without any interruption.

This means you receive work-related calls wherever you are, whenever you need. You even receive the incoming caller IDs from your office phone on your cell phone.

When you make work calls from your cell phone, the person you call will see the caller ID of only your office phone.

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Extension to Cellular is ideal for anyone who conducts business on the go. Incoming calls to your office number reach you on the road, at another location, or as you walk around your workplace. You can respond immediately to urgent business no matter where you are.

Extension to Cellular treats a cell phone as if it were an extension of your office landline phone.

Personal Cell Service Continues Unaffected

Extension to Cellular works with any cellular service. You control your availability by connecting or disconnecting to Extension to Cellular as needed. Whether connected to Extension to Cellular or not, your cell phone still operates as it always has. You will still receive personal calls on your cell phone, because personal calls come in through your standard cellular number and service provider.

When you are at your desk, or would rather not be disturbed by incoming office calls to your cell phone (during a meeting or dinner, for example), simply call the Extension to Cellular access number to disable the service. While disabled, incoming work calls follow the standard path of your office number.