RGTSSafe — Network Monitoring, Management & Remediation

RGTSSafe — Network Monitoring, Management & Remediation

Everything Possible To Make Sure Your Network Operates Safely, Continuously

RGTS - A ConvergeOne Company's (RGTS) RGTSSafe Network Monitoring, Management & Remediation service provides remote 24/7/365 monitoring of your network, systems, and applications. It alerts RGTS network engineering staff to problems before they affect you.

In the event an alarm or threshold condition arises, you receive an automated alert from the RGTS Network Operations Center — typically after the engineering staff has already begun to fix the underlying problem.

RGTSSafe also provides exclusive access to RGTS’s Network Operations Center, scheduled preventive maintenance, monthly analysis reports, capacity planning meetings, and alerts to potential IT issues, along with assistance to resolve potential issues through several remediation capabilities.

Monthly network performance reports provide clear summary data and charts, as well as precise performance details.

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  • Provides cost-effective network protection for all businesses, particularly those with limited IT staff and budgets
  • Saves IT staff time for more productive, more strategic work
  • Avoids employee productivity losses resulting from network downtime