Cloud Computing — Virtual Server

Cloud Computing — Virtual Server

Cut IT Costs, Tighten Security, and Unleash New Possibilities

RGTS - A ConvergeOne Company (RGTS) offers solid, robust, and private cloud computing solutions for its clients, with the level of performance, reliability, and security RGTS clients expect.

Cloud computing from RGTS liberates a company from geographic anchors, capital outlays, and numerous operating expenses associated with in-house servers.

Instead of continuing to buy, build, protect, maintain, and upgrade an IT infrastructure to meet your company’s current and anticipated needs, you buy only the end result — reliable, dedicated virtual servers that meet your business needs.

You use RGTS’s infrastructure instead, and you access it over secure Internet connections from the office, on the road, from home, or from anywhere the Internet can be reached. 

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Cloud computing with RGTS is comparable to buying supplied electricity and paying only for the power you actually use, without having to generate anything. You don’t have to build, operate, or safeguard your own power plant or power grid.

If suddenly your company needs 10 times the data storage capacity, it’s there waiting for you; it’s nothing you have to provide, budget for, or worry about.

Carrier-Grade Performance From RGTS

By using RGTS’s carrier-grade infrastructure, which is monitored around the clock by RGTS’s Network Operations Center, clients achieve a level of computing access, security, and disaster resilience that is ordinarily limited to very large enterprises with extensive IT departments. The servers in RGTS’s New York data center are replicated continuously at a remote data center 200 miles away on a separate power grid. This assures protected storage and uninterrupted, secure access over the Internet even during a disaster.

RGTS applies its high-bandwidth infrastructure to provide clients with dedicated connections to its private cloud. This yields performance superior to public cloud services, where customers must use public Internet paths to connect to their files and applications.

People working offsite can use personal computers or smartphones to connect to their applications through a secure virtual private network (VPN) from anywhere in the world.

Cost-Cutting Efficiency of the Cloud

Companies typically use only a small portion of their IT infrastructure’s capacities, which are usually designed to meet peak-demand levels and to anticipate future needs. The inevitable upshot is inefficient underuse of the IT capital, staff time, electricity, and cooling expended. By moving to cloud computing, companies can achieve greater economies of scale and cut costs significantly because all expenses are applied far more efficiently.

The Biggest Gains: New Operating Possibilities

Besides enhancing performance and cutting costs, RGTS Cloud computing simplifies your company’s operations and opens up whole new possibilities for running your business.

Consider, for example: How expensive, time-consuming, and difficult is it under current practices to open a regional office? How much cheaper, quicker, and easier would it be if IT infrastructure were eliminated entirely from the equation?

Better still, if IT infrastructure isn’t a factor, then the question of a new regional office may have more possibilities, more options than a simple yes-or-no decision. It might be possible and more desirable instead, to set up new regional operations in a short-term furnished business center and see how well the new region fares. RGTS Cloud Computing can yield new flexibility, opening new avenues that never existed previously.