Disaster Recovery via RGTS - A ConvergeOne Company (RGTS) Cloud

Disaster Recovery via RGTS - A ConvergeOne Company (RGTS) Cloud

The RGTS Cloud provides an ideal platform for wide-ranging Disaster Recovery solutions — from simple offsite backup of critical business data to fully virtualized business environments that encompass individualized settings, business applications, and databases.

All RGTS Cloud Computing solutions and services have backup built in. The carrier-grade cloud infrastructure, based in RGTS’s New York data center, is replicated continuously at a remote data center 200 miles away on a separate power grid. This assures protected storage and uninterrupted, secure access over the Internet during a disaster.

The Cloud infrastructure is monitored around the clock by RGTS’s Network Operations Center. With RGTS Cloud Computing, clients achieve a level of disaster resilience, security, and computing access that is ordinarily limited to very large enterprises with extensive IT departments. 

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RGTS applies its high-bandwidth infrastructure to provide clients with dedicated connections to its private cloud. This yields performance superior to public cloud services, where customers must use public Internet paths to connect to their files and applications.

People working off-site can use personal computers or smartphones to connect to their applications through a secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) from anywhere in the world.

For its cloud computing solution, RGTS provides clients with the same high level of service, expert guidance, and support that set all RGTS services apart. This expertise and support from RGTS is especially helpful for small- and medium-size businesses with limited IT staff and resources. RGTS minimizes the set-up and management complexities, putting sophisticated, tailored cloud computing in easy reach.