Distributed Antenna System Cabling

Distributed Antenna System Cabling

Reliable, Uninterrupted Mobile Connections Throughout Your Environment

RGTS - A ConvergeOne Company (RGTS) provides professional structured cabling for Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), which eliminate dead spots for cell phones and other wireless devices by distributing strong radio signals throughout office buildings, warehouses, campuses, and indoor and outdoor environments.

A Distributed Antenna System can provide seamless, unbroken voice and data communication throughout your facilities for your employees, clients, vendors, and visitors, and for public-safety officers and emergency responders.

RGTS’s professional structured cabling design and installation supports high-capacity, multiband, multi-standard, and multi-operator Distributed Antenna System installations for offices, university campuses, hospital and healthcare campuses, airports, shopping malls, stadiums, and other dense indoor and outdoor environments.

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A Distributed Antenna System is a network of interconnected small, low-powered antennas strategically positioned throughout an environment. The distributed antennas send and receive their digital radio signals to and from a central source via cabling, providing uniform, high-quality mobile connections.

The distributed low-power multi-antenna design is more effective and more cost-efficient than service coverage efforts with a single high-power antenna. That’s because well-placed small antennas naturally cancel out the obstructions that walls, floors, and other structural elements pose to radio signals sent to and from a single antenna.

A Distributed Antenna System supports numerous wireless technologies, as well as public safety systems. It offers the capabilities for unique industry specifications, such as those for healthcare, education, commercial real estate, and hospitality.