Abatement for Abandoned Cabling

Abatement for Abandoned Cabling

Unexpected Safety and Liability Hazards From Continuous Technology Advances

RGTS - A ConvergeOne Company's (RGTS) cable abatement and re-certification professionals can help your company protect its employees and customers from the unexpected safety and liability hazards that can result from continuous technology advances.

Each year, businesses across the country spend many millions in new communications and technology installations. With each new installation, more cables are encased in ceilings, floors, and closets. In far too many instances, the legacy cables from older technology systems or previous tenants are not removed or tagged as disconnected and unused.

All that abandoned cabling has come under increased scrutiny in recent years by fire protection professionals, property owners, and local government and building authorities across the country.

This is because outdated or abandoned cables can contain highly flammable and toxic material. Often they have been installed with jacketed materials that further increase the risk of harm to people and property in the event of fire. In fact, some of the insulation materials that were used have the BTU content of gasoline.

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Property owners are recognizing the enormous implications of the code change for their businesses. But many wonder how to even get a handle on the extent of the problem in their buildings.

RGTS experts can survey your facilities, inventory and document any cables that are in use, and remove abandoned cables with minimal disruption to ongoing business.