MPLS IP Virtual Private Network

MPLS IP Virtual Private Network

High-Performance Unified Enterprise Networking for VoIP, Video, Data

  • Private, Secure Infrastructure
  • Quality of Service (QoS) Managed and Guaranteed
  • Protocol Neutral
  • Disaster Resilient
  • Fast, Unlimited Scaling
  • Simplified Networking
  • Cost Efficient

RGTS - A ConvergeOne Company's (RGTS) MPLS IP VPN service — Multi-Protocol Label Switching - Internet Protocol - Virtual Private Network — provides high-performance cost-effective networking for an enterprise’s offices across the United States and in more than 120 other countries.

MPLS uses a smarter, accelerated method to carry voice and data traffic across an enterprise’s wide area network, regardless of the differing technologies used at the enterprise’s various locations, such as Ethernet, Frame Relay, ATM, and SONET. RGTS uses its own powerful private transport backbone, rather than publicly shared Internet paths.

RGTS’s private backbone and MPLS technology combine to deliver the Quality of Service (QoS) guarantee and Class of Service (CoS) controls essential to an enterprise’s wide area network. They enable the enterprise to set differing priorities for voice, video, mission-critical applications, and other uses of its bandwidth across a Wide Area Network. Also, RGTS’s MPLS IP VPN service makes it extraordinarily fast and simple for an enterprise to add a new office location.

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Standards-Based, High Performance

MPLS is a standards-based design for unified protocol-independent transport for both circuit-based clients and packet-switching clients.

It provides highly scalable any-to-any connectivity for voice, video, and data network convergence. This give companies a cost-efficient way to combine and leverage diverse services on a single Wide Area Network.

An MPLS IP VPN network adds simple switching labels to incoming voice, data, and video packets, and then transports the packets to their destinations with reduced overhead, increased speed, and Engineered Traffic Control. Transport switching is guided exclusively by the labels. The packets’ long IP network addresses are not read; complex lookups in routing tables are bypassed.

This label switching facilitates end-to-end circuits across any transport medium using any protocol, including IP packets, Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM), Frame Relay, Synchronous Optical Networking (SONET), and Ethernet.

In contrast to a pure IP network — which routes packets along the shortest path, regardless of congestion — MPLS adds Engineered Traffic Control to assure adequate bandwidth and speed for its path-routing decisions.

The Engineered Traffic Control and faster label switching combine with RGTS’s private secure backbone to deliver the Quality of Service guarantee and Class of Service priorities that enterprises must have for voice, video, and mission-critical data applications.

The service simplifies the network topology, while providing Layer 2 security and stability and Layer 3 flexibility and scalability. It supports Layer 3 IP applications in a closed environment similar to networks built on private lines, ATM, and Frame Relay.

RGTS’s MPLS IP VPN service is a standards-based Cisco Powered Network. It complies with Internet Engineering Task Force RFC 4364 standards.

IP Over RGTS’s Powerful, Private, Secure Backbone

MPLS IP VPN is delivered using the power, security, and privacy of RGTS’s IP backbone infrastructure. RGTS’s transport Quality of Service (QoS) is enforced per hop, from end to end, not merely at network edges.

The network can be accessed via fiber-optic cable and Ethernet over copper wiring at speeds from 1.5 Mbps to 10 Gbps.

Network Performance Monitoring & Management

RGTS custom designs your MPLS IP VPN network to meet your company’s specific needs and management preferences. The network management method is your choice:

  • Managed fully by RGTS
  • Managed fully by the customer
  • Co-managed by customer and RGTS

RGTS’s management and analysis tools enable you and your IT staff to optimize the performance of your MPLS IP VPN service with realtime performance monitoring of all applications and services running over your network, including VoIP.

Class of Service Options, Bandwidth Scaling

You can specify four progressive Class-of-Service (CoS) priorities for the different applications sharing your company’s total bandwidth:

  • Real Time
  • Critical
  • Priority
  • Standard

Each service class has access to all your available bandwidth. You can scale your company’s total bandwidth incrementally when and as needed.

RGTS Service Reliability

Regardless of the VPN management method you choose, the RGTS’s transport backbone is monitored and safeguarded 24/7/365 by the engineering staff of RGTS’s Network Operations Center. All elements of RGTS’s infrastructure have realtime off-grid backup.

If an MPLS IP VPN element fails, MPLS re-routes your connections with recovery times similar SONET rings: less than 50 milliseconds — too quick to drop or disrupt a voice or video connection.