Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation

Short-Term Expert IT Tech Staff Available From RGTS - A ConvergeOne Company (RGTS)

When IT workloads pile up and more help is needed, RGTS technicians and engineers will come on site and assist with network planning, messaging, security, disaster recovery planning, office computer set-ups, software updates, hardware upgrades, and more.

RGTS’s service terms are flexible — on monthly, hourly, project, or service-minimum bases — making it easy for you to get well-qualified technical help you’re confident of, on service terms tailored to you company’s particular needs.

The depth of RGTS’s technical expertise, our three-decade track record of customer satisfaction, and our service flexibility combine to give you an exceptionally high comfort level when you need additional IT support.

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The following three examples illustrate some of the ways clients use RGTS’s Staff Augmentation Service.

A major real estate developer and manager calls on RGTS to perform complete office PC configurations whenever it opens or relocates a property management office in New York City. The PC configurations include networking and application software installations, printers, Internet access, secure VPN links, and e-mail accounts.

A law firm headquartered in New York City has an RGTS engineer come on site every Wednesday for four hours to assist in a variety of needs that accumulate during the week. The law firm’s Director of Operations compiles a list of matters to be addressed when the RGTS engineer arrives each Wednesday. The continuing arrangement evolved from a series of specific technology projects that the law firm had assigned to RGTS.

A global investment bank, which has been an RGTS client for more than 20 years, has enlisted the full-time on-site help of two RGTS technicians for the next five years to assist with the bank’s worldwide migration to a new dedicated VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) communications system. RGTS worked with the bank to design, build, and install its new VoIP platform.