­Design & Implementation

­Design & Implementation

RGTS - A ConvergeOne Company (RGTS) has three decades of experience and an exceptional client-satisfaction record designing and implementing voice, data, and technology systems that are advanced, sophisticated, and cost effective.

Independent, Innovative, Cost-Effective Solutions

Because it is an independent, vendor-neutral company, RGTS has accumulated extensive working experience with the telecommunications and IT equipment from each of the major competing manufacturers.

Rather than recommend a sales-driven product or manufacturer to replace whatever a client may have in place, RGTS works with each company’s unique circumstances and needs to design and implement the most effective, cost-efficient solution possible, regardless of the equipment manufacturers or suppliers at hand.

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RGTS offers extensive engineering experience and expertise in the design and implementation of broadband transport infrastructure for clients’ networks.

To realize the best transport infrastructure for your company, you can choose a combination of company-owned-and-managed equipment, transport services fully managed and monitored by RGTS, and leased infrastructure and services from a variety of suppliers. RGTS will design and implement a broadband transport infrastructure tailored to your company’s specific needs and priorities.

As an independent, vendor-neutral company, RGTS also offers clients the benefit of its extensive experience with the transport infrastructure equipment and services of each of the major competing manufacturers and providers. Instead of routinely recommending a favored manufacturer, equipment line, or provider, RGTS works with the unique circumstances and needs of your company. RGTS tailors the most effective, cost-efficient transport infrastructure possible, regardless of equipment manufacturers or suppliers.